“I’m going to get this project done for you.” – An Interview With Ethos CRO Travis Turner

I’ve muled pounds. I’ve trimmed. I owned and worked on big farms. I’ve been lucky enough to have been in every part of this industry, from distribution to cultivation, manufacturing to product packaging. And my experiences in all those different aspects has given me a wide knowledge of how all the pieces of this industry interconnect and move.

From that standpoint, I was able to see industry needs that we could move quickly to serve. And I think in this time of this industry, more than probably any other time, people just need help. They need help figuring out how to get their crops processed, who to sell to, how to keep their costs in check, the list is endless.

In that spirit, I feel like I’ve done well by helping people whatever their need is. Instead of being in ‘sales guy’ mode, I’m able to sit and really listen to them. And then I can draw on all my experience, and the experience of the entire Ethos team, to find a solution that changes how they operate, or brings forward the right technology, or whatever it is that truly addresses their need.

That’s why building the Compton facility was such an invaluable learning experience for us, because it allowed us to hit all the issues and roadblocks our clients do and then experiment until we found the absolute best solution. We know what it takes to both design and implement complete systems, and optimize at every stage of the process, because we’ve done it.  
And because almost everything I’ve done has been with either no investment or minimal investment, it’s really taught me how to make the most of a buck and get the most from the equipment I’m running. I know people who have been issued $30 million for a lab but are doing a 10th of my production (if they’ve even turned on machinery at all) because I’m constantly searching for that one tweak that’s going to increase my production and cut my costs by 5%, and then another 5%, and another.

I want to be disruptive and put things in the marketplace that revolutionize what’s possible in manufacturing and processing. And because I’m a collaborator, I want to do it by joining forces with people who are smart and motivated and are as passionate about this industry as I am. That’s Ethos.

Listen; ultimately, just I really care about people knowing me as a guy that delivers. When I say, ‘I’m going to get this project done for you,’ that means I’m going to get it done. No matter what it takes. And so watching anyone take our product, or our solution, and find huge success with it, that’s what brings me joy. That’s why I’m doing this, and why I’ll never stop.