Ethos Manufacturing

Seamlessly Track Your Production

The Ethos Automation System combines inventory management, production scheduling, and data collection in one convenient platform. 

Automation allows you to monitor and control your production line at the touch of a button. Program custom spin cycles for the centrifuge and start extraction with one touch. Move solution through the system by opening and closing pneumatic valves on the automated control panel. Monitor temperatures, fill levels, and saturation to ensure optimal processing.

Sensors placed throughout the system collect data that provide you with the numbers you need to streamline operations, maximize production, and ensure overall system maintenance. The automated control panel syncs with our software to automatically record information on every run. Track inventory throughout the manufacturing process and have complete visibility for METRC track and trace requirements.

Let your machine do your compliance work for you. Our automated solution and software generates compliance and regulatory documentation while significantly reducing human error. Decrease the time and resources needed for testing, and approvals. Be audit ready and compliant with our integrated automation and software system.

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